Welcome to the official Of Mice & Men Philippine Street Team! This blog is dedicated to Of Mice & Men and contains pictures, videos, gifs, upcoming shows and other stuffs that is related to the band.

Catch the band play LIVE IN MANILA for Smash Project (03/08/13 at the MoA Arena) Tickets available at www.smtickets.com

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Current Members:
Austin Carlile -lead vocals

Alan Ashby -rhythm guitar

Tino Arteaga -drums

Phil Manansala -lead guitar

Squidgy! -mascot

Touring Member:
Aaron Pauley -bass, clean vocals


We do not claim ownership of the things we posted on this site unless stated. Thanks :)




    Jaxin Hall - bass guitar, backing vocals (2009–2010)

    Jon Kintz - rhythm guitar, clean vocals (2009)

    Jerry Roush - unclean vocals (2010–2011)

    Shayley Bourget - clean vocals (2009-2012); rhythm guitar (2009-2011); bass guitar (2011-2012)

    #former om&m members #jaxin hall #jerry roush #jon kintz #om&m #shayley bourget #former members
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